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ListAttachments for SharePoint updated: v2.5.0

It has been a while since I last worked on this script but now I could finally fix the bug that caused the bubble to disappear right away in Internet Explorer.

Go grab the latest version from the Product Page. and please let me now if it works for you.

Changelog v2.5.0

  1. Fix: The bubble will no longer disappear right away in Internet Explorer

StickyHeaders for SharePoint Update v3.2.0

I have updated StickyHeaders for SharePoint to version 3.2.0. Those are the changes:

v.3.2.0 Changelog

  1. Fix: Fixed a bug where Sticky Headers are not working in Datasheet-view when the user has less than Edit-permission
  2. New feature: Implemented a function that will load jQuery for you if it is not already loaded. No need to load jQuery via a separate script-tag any longer.
    NOTE: Uncomment line 23-29 and remove or comment out line 32-50 if you don’t want this feature
  3. Improvement: Added some semicolons for a better minification performance
  4. Cosmetic fix: Corrected a typo

Big thanks to everyone for the bug reports!

Please go to the product page to download the latest version.


ListAttachments for SharePoint BETA release: v2.5.0BETA2

I released a new BETA version of ListAttachments for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online.

Changelog BETA1:

  • Almost completely rewritten to make it more robust and efficient
  • Fixed the issue in IE where the bubble pops up and disappears immediately
  • Changed from SOAP to REST to minimize the payload and speed up the whole process of retrieving the required data from the server
  • Lots of other little fixes and improvements

Changelog BETA2:

  • Fixes a bug where the script fails for Read-Only users because SP.Ribbon.js is initialized too late

You can get the latest version on the Product Page. If you find any bugs, I would appreciate if you’d report them in either the comment section or the forum. Thanks!

StickyHeaders for SharePoint Update v3.1.1

I forgot to write a post when I released v3.1.0 so this post lists the changes made in v.3.1.0 as well as v.3.1.1 of StickyHeaders for SharePoint.

v.3.1.0 Changelog:

  1. Fix: The header doesn’t adjust to screen resizing
  2. Fix: The header suddenly disappears when scrolling through a grouped list
  3. Fix: Lists which have the Newsletter or Shaded style or are rendered on the server are not correctly displayed when sticky headers are displayed
  4. Improved: Some minor cosmetic issues

v.3.1.1 Changelog:

  1. Fix: Sorting in quick edit mode when the list is scrolled down works properly now
  2. Fix: Strict mode will not cause an error with this script anymore

Please go to the product page to download the latest version.


StickyHeaders for SharePoint Update v3.0.1

This is only a very minor update which fixes some speed issues regarding the appearance of the sticky header for custom lists and document libraries with many columns. Starting with this version, I will also start to use the concept of semantic versioning.

Please go to the product page to download the latest version.


StickyHeaders 3.0 Released

StickyHeaders 3.0 for SharePoint 2013 on-premises and SharePoint Online has been released.

I spent a lot of time to get rid of the bugs in previous versions and I came up with greatly simplified code that makes a lot of things better than before. One of the biggest changes is that the sticky headers now keep their full functionality in quick edit mode.

Furthermore, the performance has been dramatically increased and all calculations which are necessary to figure out whether the header shall be sticky or not take now less than 1ms for each scroll step on a normally powered computer (especially important when smooth scrolling is activated). You can grab the script directly from the related Product Page

Should you have any questions, problems or bug reports please use the comment section on the Product Page or the Forum.

SharePoint Server 2013 SP1 released

Microsoft has just released the first Service Packs (SP1) for their new 2013 Office and SharePoint Products. The new Service Packs contain new fixes as well as the Cumulative and Public Updates from December and January, respectively.

The fixes that are included in the Service Pack for SharePoint Sever 2013 are as follows:

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(Updated) Sticky Headers for SharePoint 2013 – v2.0

Update 4th of March, 2016: This script has its own Product Page now and all future updates will be posted there. Should you have any questions, problems or bug reports please use the comment section on the Product Page or the Forum.

A limitation of the StickyHeaders script in version 1.0 is that it is not working in Quick Edit mode. Therefore I updated the script and released version 2.0 which is now also working in Quick Edit mode. You can download the script at the end of this post.

Version 2.0 also eliminates a few bugs that showed up from time to time. While the sticky headers are fully functional in list views, the sticky headers lose their functionalities in Quick Edit mode, but I hope that I can address this issue later (I already got an idea how to do it, so check back a bit later if you need these functions).

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Sharepoint 2013 Site Users Web Part Presence Indicator fixed

For a few months now we were waiting for Microsoft to fix the presence indicators in the site users web part. With the December 2013 CU they were finally able to fix it. Before the update the presence indicators of the site users web part looked like that:

And after the Update they look like this:

That’s better Microsoft, thanks, finally..!

If you haven’t installed it yet, jump to this post with the direct links to the download of the December 2013 CU.

SharePoint ’13 December 2013 Cumulative Update released

Microsoft has released the December 2013 cumulative update for SharePoint 2013. Don’t forget to install the March 2013 Public Update  – if it is not installed yet – before you install any later cumulative update.

Here are the Downloads:

March 2013 PU for SharePoint Foundation:

March 2013 PU for SharePoint Server:

December 2013 CU for SharePoint Foundation:

December 2013 CU for SharePoint Server: