StickyHeaders for SharePoint Update v3.1.1

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I forgot to write a post when I released v3.1.0 so this post lists the changes made in v.3.1.0 as well as v.3.1.1 of StickyHeaders for SharePoint.

v.3.1.0 Changelog:

  1. Fix: The header doesn’t adjust to screen resizing
  2. Fix: The header suddenly disappears when scrolling through a grouped list
  3. Fix: Lists which have the Newsletter or Shaded style or are rendered on the server are not correctly displayed when sticky headers are displayed
  4. Improved: Some minor cosmetic issues

v.3.1.1 Changelog:

  1. Fix: Sorting in quick edit mode when the list is scrolled down works properly now
  2. Fix: Strict mode will not cause an error with this script anymore

Please go to the product page to download the latest version.