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I’m looking for a new job

I’m currently looking for a new job, preferably in the Asia-Pacific region but I would consider other regions as well. If you are hiring or have any leads, I would appreciate if you would drop me a message via the contact form, e-mail (daniel(at), Twitter, or LinkedIn.


Starting Workflows (SP 2010 WF Engine) With 1 Click

It always annoyed me that if you want to start a SP2010 workflow manually from the items context menu or the ribbon you are redirected to the page where you have to click yet another button to finally start a workflow.

But there is an better way. With a small script and with the help of the SPServices JavaScript library you can start workflows with just one click.

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Hello and Welcome on my SharePoint Blog!

This site is dedicated to the idea to collect all those little workarounds code snippets and useful tips that are sometimes necessary to make SharePoint do what you want it to do.

“Like Voodoo for SharePoint!”