StickyHeaders for SharePoint Update v3.2.0

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I have updated StickyHeaders for SharePoint to version 3.2.0. Those are the changes:

v.3.2.0 Changelog

  1. Fix: Fixed a bug where Sticky Headers are not working in Datasheet-view when the user has less than Edit-permission
  2. New feature: Implemented a function that will load jQuery for you if it is not already loaded. No need to load jQuery via a separate script-tag any longer.
    NOTE: Uncomment line 23-29 and remove or comment out line 32-50 if you don’t want this feature
  3. Improvement: Added some semicolons for a better minification performance
  4. Cosmetic fix: Corrected a typo

Big thanks to everyone for the bug reports!

Please go to the product page to download the latest version.