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All versions and changelog of StickyHeaders

Size: 11.8 KiB
Downloads: 10214
Date: July 19, 2017
  1. Fix: Fixed a bug where Sticky Headers are not working in Datasheet-view when the user has less than Edit-permission
  2. New feature: Implemented a function that will load jQuery for you if it is not already loaded. No need to load jQuery via a separate script-tag any longer.
    NOTE: Uncomment line 23-29 and remove or comment out line 32-50 if you don't want this feature
  3. Improvement: Added some semicolons for a better minification performance
  4. Cosmetic fix: Corrected a typo
Size: 10.9 KiB
Downloads: 6837
Date: May 27, 2016
  1. Fix: Sorting in quick edit mode when the list is scrolled down now works properly
  2. Fix: Strict mode will not cause an error with this script anymore
Size: 10.1 KiB
Downloads: 1001
Date: May 4, 2016
  1. Fix: The header doesn't adjust to screen resizing
  2. Fix: The header suddenly disappears when scrolling through a grouped list
  3. Fix: Lists which have the Newsletter or Shaded style or are rendered on the server are not correctly displayed when sticky headers are displayed
  4. Improved: Some minor cosmetic issues
Size: 10.3 KiB
Downloads: 597
Date: April 22, 2016
  1. Fix some speed problems with lists which have a large amount of columns
  2. Adopt semantic versioning scheme
    Size: 9.8 KiB
    Downloads: 937
    Date: March 4, 2016
    1. 2nd rewrite
    2. the sticky header now keeps its full functionality in quick edit mode
    3. greatly enhanced performance due to simplification of the code (reduced size by 3kb)
    4. better compatibility with SharePoint's administration lists
      Size: 12.3 KiB
      Downloads: 3261
      Date: May 29, 2015
      1. Script was completely rewritten
      2. When there is only one list view webpart one a page and no other webpart, SharePoint will by default show the corresponding ribbon of this list. If you embed the script via a webpart you will usually break this behavior. The script now restores this intended behavior
      3. Lists with fixed height are now supported
      4. Grouped list views are now supported
      5. Better general performance
      6. Better compatibility with all kinds of list views (custom and system)
      7. Small adjustments to the positioning of the sticky header
      8. The boxes for filtering and sorting are now properly handed over to the sticky header and vice versa
        Size: 6.4 KiB
        Downloads: 3154
        Date: June 11, 2014
        1. removed reinitialization of sticky headers when clicking somewhere on the page or selecting an item right after page load
        2. fixed selectAll button not working (still a bit unreliable)
        3. fixed filter menu does not disappear on some occasions
        Size: 5.9 KiB
        Downloads: 543
        Date: May 20, 2014
        1. force SharePoint to show the Item- and List/Library-Tab in the Ribbon if there is only one list on the page (only necessary if the script is not loaded via the masterpage)
          Size: 5.1 KiB
          Downloads: 473
          Date: April 30, 2014
          1. improved compatibility with system lists
          2. removed a deprecated function
          3. removed a bug which can occur when grouping is activated
          Size: 5.1 KiB
          Downloads: 513
          Date: April 7, 2014
          1. fixed a bug in IE where filter boxes appear at a wrong position
          2. fixed a bug that causes the script to stop working when you scroll immediately after switching into quick edit mode
          3. added an event listener which causes the script to reload when you toggle SharePoint's fullscreen mode
          4. a few general code improvements
          Size: 3.0 KiB
          Downloads: 370
          Date: March 17, 2014
          1. fixed a bug where where the script stops working when you switch from a listview into quickedit mode
          2. fixed a bug where the popout menu is cloned and won't disappear anymore when the sticky header fades in while the popout menu is open
          3. simplified parts of the code
            Size: 3.1 KiB
            Downloads: 273
            Date: March 14, 2014
            1. fixed a bug introduced in the last version which caused the sticky headers to not scroll vertically anymore
            Size: 3.2 KiB
            Downloads: 279
            Date: March 13, 2014
            1. fixed another bug that caused the header to be shifted to the right hand side
            Size: 3.1 KiB
            Downloads: 294
            Date: March 7, 2014
            1. fixed a bug where the sticky header is in a wrong position after flipping through a paginated list
            Size: 3.1 KiB
            Downloads: 58
            Date: February 27, 2014
            1. fixed a bug where the header does not disappear again
            2. added compatibility with quick edit mode
            Size: 1.8 KiB
            Downloads: 395
            Date: February 27, 2014
            1. initial release


              1. Hi Pieter, it’s me again.

                I have just signed up for an Office365 Trial and tried my script there.
                It works flawlessly in a vanilla SharePoint Online environment. Just paste this into the section of the master page or into a Script Editor Web Part or Content Editor Web Part and you should be good to go:

                <script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.0/jquery.min.js"></script>
                <script type="text/javascript" src="http://path to the script/StickyHeaders_v2.5.js"></script>

            1. Hi Pieter,

              sadly I don’t have an Office 365 environment available to test it. So without further information (error message in the console, etc) I won’t be able to help you at the moment.

            2. Is the script only using jquery to display the headers? I was looking to see where I could pull in a jquery theme….but I just found where you put the css.

              1. Hi Mark,

                the script isn't using any jQuery theme. The header you see is just a copy of the original that pops up when the original one gets out of view. To change the look of it you can change the content of the variable 'style'.


              1. Hi Rahul,

                sorry for the late reply. The filters don't work in quick edit mode and I haven't found a solution, yet.
                Do they work in the normal list view?

            3. Hi, this works great on my quick edit view. However, is it possible to expand the sticky header to show the first item too?? I have a quick edit view where the headings are days from a month (01 to 31). The first item always shows the weekdays (Monday to Sunday).

            4. I was starting to create my own sticky headers and kept running into so many issues, mainly caused by my lack of experience with sharepoint and coding in general, Thank you so much for this!!!!!!!! it's working great and does what I need, except when I was cross browser testing it, I keep running into an issue with IE8 (unfortunately majority of people at my company are using it) and same issue with IE9. It keeps saying DeselectAllWPItems is not defined. It looks like you code is trying to set DeselectAllWPItems_old to this undefined value, right before you actually declare it.

              var DeselectAllWPItems_old = DeselectAllWPItems;
              DeselectAllWPItems = function () {
              setTimeout(function () { ShowContextRibbonSections(); }, 25);

              It works great with IE11, chrome, and firefox (atleast versions I've tested so far), just has this issue with IE8 that is stopping the script from working.

              1. FYI, I've been trying it on both small lists and large 5000 item lists with similar results. When I comment out that section of code, the script will run and work, however it takes up to 5 minutes to load in IE8 and 9, and sometimes gives a little message box saying the page isn't responding due to a long running script. Again this is only with IE8 and 9, works fine with IE11, chrome, and firefox. But since most my users will be using IE8, do you have any idea how to make this script run faster, or if that part that it errors on is important to that?

            5. Hey, I am very new to SharePoint and they only give us the shell to work in and not the code behind it.
              How can I use this code without getting to SharePoint designer? The most I can do is embed code on a page which is
              located in the insert menu of Office 365. I am not sure where to place the .js file either. Any help or suggestions
              would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

            6. Hello
              Great Script adding much needed value to the UI.

              One Issue with the Beta though:
              We're running jQuery in noconflict mode due to SP using the $ itself.
              Any chance you could change the $ sign for jQuery for the next release?
              Wouldn't make a big difference to the script but would run on any environment.

              Cheers, Tim

            7. Hi!
              I have added the code to my master-page but nothing happens.
              Where I have to copy it in exactly? Between head, script body?

            8. Hello Daniel,

              Can I get the StickyHeader code for SharePoint 2010.
              also when I run this Code in SharePoint2010 I get the below error
              Message: 'g_spPreFetchKeys' is undefined.

              Thanks in Advance :)

            9. Hi Daniel,

              The filter and Sorting don't work properly in quick edit mode and they are working good in the normal list view.
              Main Error in StickyHeaders_v2.9BETA.js version is Filter and sorting images are doesn't appear.
              Do you have any update on this ?

              Thank u,
              Mani Kumar

              1. Hi Aaron,

                there are multiple ways to do that. You can copy it into a Script Editor Webpart or Content Editor Webpart on a specific page or you can reference it in the masterpage itself. See here for how to do it with a Script Editor Webpart: http://community.bamboosolutions.com/blogs/sharepoint-2013/archive/2013/05/20/how-to-use-script-editor-web-part-in-sharepoint-2013.aspx


                1. Is there anything in the browser that could be preventing this I have tried both internet explorer and chrome i added a content web part edited the snipet changed the destination to my site assents folder and link to jquery. I see no change before and after. Im wondering if my compnay has the browser secured some how.

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