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On this page you will find the latest versions of the scripts I wrote.
Scripts are provided as ZIP file which contains the normal and minimized version.

Product (latest version)DescriptionNotes
Size: 11.8 KiB
11276 Downloads so far
July 19, 2017
Makes list headers stick at the top of the window when they scroll out of viewProduct Page
How to use it
All versions & Changelog
Size: 12.6 KiB
1850 Downloads so far
August 1, 2017
Shows list item attachments when you click/hover the paperclip symbol and allows you to directly open attachments. This script was originally created by Alexander Bautz and I adopted it to SharePoint 2013 and made some other improvements.Product Page
How to use it
All versions & Changelog



  1. Hi i am trying to implement it for 35 columns in the list its working but the header css is changing. Like when there is no sticky header, header resembles the column respectively. But when scrolling down and sticky header is not aligning with the columns….

  2. Hello VJ Even i am facing the same problem,i am working with 44 columns how did you overcome that problem ??? can someone help me please !!

  3. Hi. Thanks . works for Classic Lists in SPO.
    Need to load JQuery separately from within the site. I am calling the function from document.ready function and commented away the jQuery control.
    Also calling all from .txt in CEWP:


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